At Wood Bros. Music, we can take any guitar and make it better.  We can hot-rod your axe to be the best playing, best sounding guitar - specifically tuned and perfected to your needs and dreams.  Our creative team can recommend the best options for upgrading a guitar that has grown stale to you, and are capable perfectionists that are trained and skilled for transforming your guitar from 'basic' to 'incredible'  Some common upgrades are:

-Installation of great new pickups from Seymour Duncan, EMG,

    Fender, Dimarzio, T.V. Jones or other top name brands.


-Changing out machines to great locking tuners from Schaller,

   Planet Waves, Fender, Grover...and more


-Install special switching to maximize the tone options from your guitar,

   with push pull pots, rotary tone switches, 

   mini switches, paddle shift switches and more...


-Pin bridges on hollow body guitars esp. Gretsch to prevent bridge

   slipping during playing.


-Tremolo stabilizing systems that can 'block' or 'dive-only' your bridge

   to aid with tuning stability.  The trem-el-no can even be turned on and

   off to 'block' only when you are changing tuning... so nice...


-Paul install's railroad spikes into banjo fingerboards to aid with capoing


Nick is our Amp / Electronics Repair Tech

He also has a business building amplifiers &

designing and 'Modd'ing

Guitar Pedals... Check it Out:

-We provide expert set-ups and have a full understanding

    of modern alternate tuning trends and can recommend

    the best strings for your detuned conditions...and fully set

    up the guitar to make it have the right feel, tension, and

    tuning stability for you.


-Graphite and/or artificial bone saddles an nuts can be a great

   way to improve tone and tuning stability.


-We order custom pickguard for nearly any guitar with lots of

   awesome designs and colors to make your guitar really 




Guitar Tech Jack

Has a business of Custom Handmade Guitars, and

Hand Tooled / Hand Stitched Leather Straps,

Pickguards, Etc.   Check it Out:

Here are a few of our upgrade projects to show some of what people have asked us to do. 

This was a standard Gretsch Anniversary with no vibrato. New Holes / Grounding New Bigsby Tailpiece

Now it's a real animal!

It was Alden's really nice '62 reissue guitar...just wasn't giving him the rock... New Fender Schaller Locking Tuners This Duo Sonic wasn't giving Mark everything he wanted of a slide guitar... Custom cut the anodized pickguard and installed custom riveted hum-bucker rings
Waiting for the surgeon... Bridge pickup cavity routed for hum-bucker pickup... Now she looks real fine.... And screams loud like the slide-banshee it was destined to be...
Sweet new pick-guard fit for an interesting aesthetic... Final product, just the way he wanted it, and it really screams! This was an 80's Fender Am Std. - It got a full upgrade, P-Rails - SC Noiseless - JB pickups.  Also a push pull pot for ultimate switching... Routing the body for the larger P-Rails Pickup
    Jack lays out cabling so nicely... Beautiful...
  Other guitar shops don't treat your treasured instrument as well as you'd like... But at Wood Bros. Music it will be loved and carefully treated as if it were our own...