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Wood Bros Music's Paul Rice Tunes up the ol' Clawhammer Banjo

Repair Department

Precision Instrument Setup

Are your instrument's strings buzzing? Does your guitar have high action? Tuning problems? All of these problems could be signs that your guitar is ready for a setup.  Our expert guitar technicians are ready to help.

An instrument setup will address all aspects of your instrument�s comfort and performance.


Intonation is an adjustment that is made to the bridge of your instrument to adjust string length.  It makes sure that the instrument plays in tune not only on the open strings but also the entire way up the neck.

 Bring in your instrument today to see how much better your guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, banjo, or other stringed instrument can play and sound after a professional restring and setup!

Fabrication and Replacement of Nuts and Saddles

Two of the most important parts of your instrument are the nut and saddle.  We can install and adjust these parts of your instrument perfectly.  If needed, we can also carefully craft custom nuts and saddles for any instrument to make your instrument play comfortably and sound great.  We also can alleviate string hang-ups in the nut-slots, and burs in the saddle which can create tuning difficulty and string-breakage.

We take great care and pride in our nut and saddle work.

We also install and replace Tuning Machines.

Electronic Cleanup

Scratchy pots, output jacks, and switches... these problems are so frustrating.  There is nothing more annoying than making a small adjustment in your volume, and being rewarded with a burst of static, or switching your pickups, and getting popping and clicking. We stock a full line of top grade replacement parts to take care of your electronic problems. We can replace any or all electronic components in your instrument.

We are also equipped to address many of the popular electronic modifications that are on the market.  We install active tone circuits, coil taps, phasing switches, kill switches, acoustic pickups in electric guitars, midi systems etc.

Acoustic Instrument Amplification

We also sell and install many solutions for the acoustic instrument player who is looking to be heard in all of that glorious tone of an acoustic instrument.  We offer a full line of options, Fishman, Lace, Seymour Duncan, L.R. Baggs, and many others.  Options include piezo, magnetic, microphone, and hybrid systems.  We can optimize it for P.A. or combo amp systems.  Many of our installations are minimally invasive and can usually be invisible enough to not detract from the aesthetics of your instrument.

We can amplify any acoustic instrument.

Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Violin, Resophonic Guitars, Dulcimer, Harp, Ukulele, Drums, etc.  You name it, we can make it louder!



Adjusting your instrument�s neck can help out with the action and is also an adjustment that will help dial in an excellent tone from your instrument and can help to alleviate some extraneous noises.


Setting the action addresses the height of the strings off of the fingerboard, which can affect how comfortable an instrument is to play as well as how good it sounds.  It also can be necessary to alleviate fret-buzzing.

Pickup Installation & Guitar Hot-Rodding

We sell a huge variety of Seymour Duncan, Fender, EMG, T.V Jones, Lace, Dimarzio, Fishman, Gibson, Bill Lawrence, and many other instrument pickups to help you can chase down that certain awesome sound you�ve always been looking for! Come in and talk to our repair staff about what you would like your guitar to sound like, and we will be able to suggest the pickup that will make your tone dreams a reality!

We have humbucker pickups in stock that can fit in the single space slots of the a strat, and we have single coil and P-90 pickups that fill out the space of a humbucker, so whatever sound you want, we can help you achieve it in your guitar.  Anything is possible in the Hot Rod shop!


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Restringing and General Maintenance

We also restring your instrument.  We can make recommendations for custom gauging of strings (to achieve a sound or intonation goal for a specific tuning).  We also clean and polish the body and hardware and oil the fretboard if it�s dry.

We can also help you figure out a plan for proper humidification for your instrument based on the situation you need to keep it in.  We sell and can specifically recommend one of many products that can keep your instrument at the proper humidity year round. (lack of proper humidity can cause your instrument to have cracking / setup / warping and fret problems. It is an excellent idea to prevent these difficulties before a repair is necessary.)

Tremol-No Bridge Block

Have a tremolo system that does not stay in tune when dive-bombing, or with subtle or extreme uses of the whammy bar, we can help. The Tremol-No bridge block is installed in the back of the guitar and provides tuning stability to the instrument.  If you have the Tremol-No engaged, the guitar will dive-bomb all day and always come back to the proper bridge angle and tuning.  You can also engage a lock on the Tremol-No (in seconds) easily converting the guitar into a stop-tailpiece for added tuning stability.  This is a great option for people who want to use a floating tremolo bridge and use multiple tunings.  You can set-up one tuning for dive bombing and the rest as stop tailpiece.   It's truly the best of both worlds. 

Band Instrument Repair
We can provide everything from minor adjustments to a complete re-pad.  We can replace and adjust springs, pads, and corks. We offer soft-soldering, repair of stuck tuning slides, sticky valves, and mouthpieces.  We check out instruments for pad closure, leaks, and proper adjustments.  We also correctly remove stuck mouthpieces.


We are always ready to take care of your gear, with many more repairs than we can mention here!

If your instrument needs help, stop on in today and we can help!